Tim Cotton | Financial Adviser

For the past 15 years I have been helping clients, families and businesses to navigate the best financial pathway for their future.

I started Whitelight Financial Services as a business that takes a genuine interest and listens to your story. We provide reliable and valuable advice to our clients through all seasons of life, forging lasting relationships.

investment advice

Our approach at Whitelight is to invest into high quality companies that will generate superior returns for you over the long-term. We do not speculate on the share market, instead we invest into companies for the long run. We utilise the best available research and in-house expertise to develop tailored portfolios for our clients. We understand that every client is different and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to financial planning or investing. We therefore have an extremely broad range of investments in cash, bonds, direct shares and managed funds to create a portfolio specifically for you to achieve your life goals.

If you are interested in investing or perhaps have experience with your own SMSF (Self-Managed Super Fund) or personal shares, talk to us about where we can provide a new perspective on your portfolio, and steer you towards meeting your financial goals.


Most Australians will have some form of superannuation. Super continues to be a stellar opportunity for long term tax effective investment, which aligns directly with our long term investment approach.

Our aim is to educate our clients on what super is, why it is important, what types of super are available and to advise on the best structure for your needs. Superannuation is an ever changing environment and it’s essential to receive regular updates and advice to ensure that your super continues to provide you with the best possible retirement platform.

Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) have been a hot topic for the last decade especially with property investors in Australia. Talk to us about all areas of an SMSF to discover if this is an opportunity that suits you, and to obtain realistic, honest advice about whether it will benefit you in the long term.

retirement planning

Enjoy your lifestyle, laugh with your family and friends, travel and enjoy your freedom. Allow us to develop the strategies for your income in retirement so you can look forward to kicking back with some red wine for the ticker and some ocean views for the soul.

Most Australians are unaware of how much they will need for their retirement. This is a key part of defining your financial goals for your future. We will provide you with appropriate strategies to build your wealth over time so that you can enjoy a comfortable and well deserved retirement lifestyle.

personal protection

All of us want to protect and provide for our loved ones. This is the backbone of your financial plan and the heart of our advice and strategies. Whitelight exists to help you to discover your goals and to walk side by side with you through the different seasons of life. We understand that obstacles do arise. We have a responsibility and a commitment to plan ahead for challenging times so that your goals are reached despite the curve balls that life can sometimes throw. We will work together with you to find a real solution for your specific personal and family needs.

aged care

Health care has advanced at an exceptional rate as we strive to improve the quality of life for our loved ones. When we consider aged care there are many decisions & questions that individuals and families will face. Our aim is to enable you to focus on the needs of the person requiring care, as we guide you in the financial decision making process. Significant change has occurred within the aged care industry and this will only continue as Australia’s population ages. Take the guess work out of aged care and get in touch with us to review your situation and assist you in this important time.

estate planning

So you’ve made it to retirement, ticked off your bucket list and you have a great nest egg to support you in a happy and comfortable lifestyle. Your next concern? Your children, your grandchildren, who will most likely be staring down the barrel of incredibly high mortgages. Have the peace of mind to know you can help them in the future and pass on your assets in a tax effective and simple manner. We provide ongoing and tailored advice on your estate plan, considering your unique family situation.

It’s never too early to consider how and where your assets will be passed on. In fact, structuring your assets well from the start can create a much larger estate for your family. We work with dedicated and experienced lawyers to ensure that your plan continues on after you do.

accounting & tax

Financial planning and accounting go hand-in-hand, and every financial decision has a tax impact for you. We understand this at Whitelight, which is why we work closely with your accountant to ensure that our advice marries together with your tax planning strategy. Whitelight Financial Services does not provide accounting and tax services but we have a number of referral partners to suit your individual needs.

your mortgage

Mortgage and debt strategies are an integral part of your pathway at Whitelight. If appropriate, we recommend conservative use of borrowing for investing purposes once you have cleared your personal debts. With the vast array of debt products available there are so many opportunities for you to pay down your loans faster and own your own home. We can refer you to a dedicated mortgage broking service that can advise you on the most appropriate loan for your situation.